Miss Lollie Henshilwood 

Gemini, mother of 2, dancer since 1986

Miss Henshilwood began her journey in ballroom dancing back in 2008 When she answered an advertisement in the local newspaper. It’s stated “ do you like people? do you want to travel? do you want to have a career that will take you places you have never been before? YES! YES! And YES! And that’s how it all began. 

Over the last 12 years, Dancing has taking me places that I didn’t even knew existed. I have met people that have changed my life forever. I have made friends that have became family and priceless memories of once in a lifetime adventures. 

Ballroom Dancing will change your life. I have seen it personally and I have lived it. This is also a lifelong skill you wil have forever, like learning a second language and it doesn’t even require a partner. It will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 

Many think dancing will be physically beneficial and YES IT WILL! But it will also give you mental and emotional benefits you will not find from a doctor or in a Magic happy pill. I have seen it transform individuals and I have seen it save relationships. 

My goal is to bring people together. Closer relationships and a better understanding of one another creates stronger families and stronger families create a better community for all. I have seen marriages saved and lost souls found. All the while DANCING! Dancing is fun! And everyone wants a little more fun in their lives. 

At DDC, we specialize in Private Lessons. As an individual or a couple your hour long session in the ballroom is all yours! Your goals, your dances and the music that moves you. We have group classes where we focus on a particular dance or style. You can choose to switch partners to test your skills or you can remain with your spouse and or dance partner. We also have parties! The ballroom becomes Plainfield’s favorite dance floor on the weekend nights. It’s a great time to practice social style dancing with others on the floor like you would do if you went out, all the while with other people who are learning and loving dance too! 

We are a CLUB at DDC and where we differ from other “studios” is our members are DDC. We would be just an empty ballroom without them. Our parties are exclusive as well as our outside events. Members will have the option of what they want to learn and how many dances that want to learn. They will get to vote on what type of parties we have, where are events are held as well as Club Cards! 

The 1st lesson is absolutely free with no commitment required. It’s a 30 min lesson where you are introduced to ballroom dancing! You’ll be introduced to several styles and shown how to move in several directions. It’s a great way to see if the DDC is a place for you. Our goal from the very first lesson to the last is that every lesson be fun and easy in an environment that one can learn in. We are open everyday and appointments can made for the morning, afternoon or evening! 

120 W Main Street 

Plainfield, IN 46168

phone: 317-801-0818 

email: learn2dance@downtowndance.club